More Than a Right

Defending oneself is a necessity that has followed us from before the birth of history, all the way through till today. From early stone swords, to the elegant precision of a finely crafted handgun; we have poured our heart and soul into creating Masterwork weapons that are both functional and beautiful.  Along with defense, firearms have also served to put food on the table for one’s family.  Hunting for our food ties us into the natural world, and connects us to a proud tradition passed on by our ancestors.  The second amendment enshrines the natural right of the individual, access to the tools necessary for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness; arguably being the cornerstone of our constitution, for it guarantees every freedom we have.  The history of firearms is one of fascinating technological advances melding with natural beauty to bring gorgeous works of art to life. Join me as we go through the pages of history to showcase the art of gun making though the years.

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